Dos and Don´ts For Fasting

Some Dos And Don’ts For Fasting

There have been any number of examples, both from the medical field as well as personal experiences to reinforce the fact that fasting is advantageous to the human body.

Today, especially, with the world growing smaller thanks to the Internet, one sees so many testimonials by people all over the virtual world telling us what wonderful results they have had with fasting.

Of course, there are different kinds of fasts and some are easier to do than the others. Juice fasting, for example, is easier to follow than water fasting which needs getting used to.

The thing to do when you first decide to fast is to take it slow. Think of fasting as something that is going to be a part of your life and approach it slow, getting to know it, getting to see how it suits your body and how much of it you can take.

Let’s face it, there are some who can take more than others. Start off with one day at a time and slowly progress to more till a time when you can do a five or a seven day fast and you don’t feel tired, dizzy, wobbly.

All you feel is good. Be aware that the first time could bring on headaches or dizziness initially while the toxins are being flushed out (see also: detoxification). It is always a good thing if you prepare for a fast. Start by going vegetarian two days before the fast. Then the day before, cut down on food or cut out one meal.

Is fasting harmful for anyone? It could be – for pregnant mothers, growing children, people who have had complications like kidney trouble, heart trouble or malnourished people. Even someone who looks hale and hearty could have a problem with fasting if he has never tried it before.

What most fasting enthusiasts who are new should realize is that fasting is a world that you should take one step into slowly. If you feel ill or your heart starts racing, don’t continue. Some could get a persistent cold or blood pressure going down or even emotional distress. Some end up becoming anemic with an imbalance of minerals in the body.

However, by and large, fasting tends to agree with everyone and it holds the key to a better life health wise. You will find your mental faculties becoming so much clearer. You will also seem to need less sleep.

Your bowel movements may also stop. This is normal so just go ahead and continue your fast. You’ll be glad you did when you have such a feeling of well-being after you finish the fast.

If you feel energized, you can exercise, otherwise you don’t need to. Do remember to drink your 8 to 10 glasses of water a day – this is essential. Add some form of fiber to your meals during fasting and things will be just fine.