Effects of Fasting

What Happens In A Cell During Fasting?

Since the beginning of all human life in this world, the human cell has undergone incredible transformation – especially in the last few decades. Is it any wonder when even our atmosphere and environment have been altered?

Time was when the air was clean, the water unpolluted and the food natural. Today, we have chemicals even in our so-called ‘natural’ foods.

The function of every cell in the body is to produce waste and to eliminate it through the lymph. If this process carries on in the normal way, the whole system is kept clean. If however, the toxins are too many to be cleaned out and eliminated, we get into what is called an ‘enervated state’ where the toxins present are more than what the body can handle. This state precipitates diseases like skin problems, allergies and inflammation.

Fasting and Health

So if we ensure that our cells are kept clean and are not overloaded, then our system functions the way Nature intended it to. We have to take care to avoid toxic saturation at the cellular level. Dr. Tilden, way back in 1926 stated:

‘Medical science is founded on a false premise. Namely, that disease is caused by extraneous influences.’

So how do we get our system from the cell level upwards back on the path of normalcy and wellness?

Natural and holistic streams of medicine all over the world have resorted over the ages to cleansing the body through fasting. Fasting seems to get rid of not just the toxins but also the dead and diseased cells from the body.

So if one were to get onto a juice fast or a water fast, the digestive system gets a rest and the body’s resources are concentrated on cleaning out the body. When no solid food is ingested into the system, the body automatically looks for alternate sources of fuel for energy. So it gets it from the stored fat in our bodies.

Besides this, when very few enzymes are needed for digestion, the enzyme activity moves to the rest of the body, cleaning out the waste matter in the blood. So the cells are not overworked and can get back to their natural pace of cleaning. The organs in the body too are rested and rejuvenated. As soon as the toxins are bundled out of the system, there is a sense of cleanliness and peace and your body’s immunity goes up again.

In a study conducted in the Center for Rheumatic Diseases, Oslo, fasting seems to have had a significant beneficial effect on rheumatoid arthritis.

According to D. A. Fraser, J. Thoen, A. C. Rustan, Ø. Førre and J. Kjeldsen-Kragh of the research team, while there was no proven explanation, they hypothesized that the fasting-induced changes in the concentrations of serum FFAs might have inhibited the lymphocyte function and could maybe have contributed to the anti-inflammatory effects.

What happens in the cell level in our bodies determines how well or how ill we are going to be. The great thing is that we don’t have to totally depend on outside influences for healing all the time. We can take a pro-active approach and keep disease at bay. That’s the good news!